Case Screening For Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

Getting Started with Case Screening For Florida Personal Injury Attorneys is always prepared to help Florida personal injury attorneys with carefully examining their next potential case. To help you save time and money, we’ll conduct a screening of a potential case and gather details about the individual and the incident to see if it’s a good case or not. To see how your law firm can get started with’s case screening for Florida personal injury attorneys, give us a call today!

Making Diligent Effort To Reach Your Next Potential Client.’s team of case screeners will make every effort to contact your potential client with a 48-hour chase time. Within this chase time, we’ll be sure to try various methods and times to reach your potential client via phone calls, text messages, and e-mails to get the details about their case. During this chase time, we won’t stop reaching out until we get you results!

Save Time With Our Team.

No matter the size of or how long your personal injury law practice has been around,’s team of case screeners are always ready to help you! We’re here to save you time and money on getting the information about your next potential case. We’re aware of the careful work involved in case screening for Florida personal injury attorneys, and we won’t stop working until we get results!

Why Choose Case Screening Service From team of case screeners have years of experience of working with Florida attorneys. We’re very well acquainted with how the legal system works in Florida for Personal Injury Attorneys and for those who are victims of personal injury incidents whether from car accidents, a workplace injury, or an injury from a public place.

Our value for offering case screening service for Florida personal injury attorneys is this: Give the opportunity to your law firm to get a jumpstart on a new case while saving money and resources from your legal staff. We save you time while you focus on bringing justice and compensation for existing clients while we work on determining if the new prospective client has a case or not.

How Our Case Screening For Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Works

Step 1. Review Data Submission

In this phase, we'll review your submitted case prospect to contact with the provided phone number and e-mail. Such case submissions are made through's online portal after an account is opened for your law firm.

Step 2. Contact Potential Client

We'll work to contact the case prospect with the provided information. With a 48-hour chase time, we'll work within this period to make every effort to contact the potential client day and night.

Step 3. Identify Case Facts

After we've been able to contact the prospect, we'll gather facts about the case such as the date of the accident, police reports, license and insurance information, information and images of the injury, and information about others involved in the incident.

Step 4. Review Past or Current Legal Representation

We'll confirm whether this case prospect has or has had legal representation by an attorney for this case in the past.

Step 5. Update Contact Information

If it is necessary, we'll confirm any needed updated contact information from the case prospect.

Step 6. Sign Up Case with

After confirming that a potential client has a good case, you can signup your client with your law firm with's fast intake signup with our intake specialists who can virtually e-Sign your new client or sign them up with in-person visiting. To learn more about our intake signup service, click the learn more button.

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Don't Miss Your Next Opportunity!
Let help you sign your next case. is focused on providing speedy, convenient, and accurate service to help you sign your next personal injury case. We help all personal injury attorneys in Florida sign up new intake cases, screen potential cases, and help with signing document execution files. Just give us a call and we’ll help you sign up your next case!

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