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Quick And Easy Case Intake Signup For Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

SignMyCase.com’s team of intake signup specialists are well aware of the need to provide accurate client information to your law firm in quick and easy manner. With SignMyCase.com, you can feel confident that you are getting quality service for your clients that will reflect well on your law firm!

Our Philosophy On Modern Intake Signup Service

SignMyCase.com’s philosophy on modern case intakes is simple. Provide simple service for the client while ensuring fast and cost-effective methods of signing a new case up for the attorney. All of our intake specialists will treat your clients with the dignity and respect that will reflect well on your law firm and your team. We’re an extension of your law firm and we want to make sure that every client we sign up for your law firm feels that they’re well cared for.

Why Should I Use SignMyCase.com to Signup My Next Personal Injury Case?

Our team works to be flexible with your new case clients. Our intake specialists are experienced in helping Florida personal injury attorneys signup new cases fast and easy virtual e-Sign. But, if need be, our team is also able to meet at a comfortable place to sign up your client with in-person visitation.

With this service, you’ll be able to save the time and resources needed to signup your next client without the need of an in-house Intake Department¬†Or, if you currently have an Intake Department at your law firm, SignMyCase.com can help lighten the load and help you sign on new cases faster.

Virtual e-Sign Intake Signup

With a digital intake signup, we'll schedule a time to speak with your client over the phone to collect case information and send the required documents vis e-mail for e-signing.

In-Person Visitation

For in-person case visitation, we'll schedule time to meet with the client in a public place or their home to sign the required documents for their case to send to your law firm.

How Our Case Intake Signup For Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Service Works

Step 1. Scheduling A Time To Meet

After receiving your law firms intake documents and client contact information, we'll schedule a date and time to meet with your client. For e-Signing, we'll book a time to talk with your client to gather case information and send the needed documents for them to sign and return. If this is an in-person visit, we'll schedule a date and time to meet in a public place or at their home to complete the case intake sign up.

Step 2. Collect Client Case Information

In this step, we'll speak with your client to collect the required case information such as their driver's license, insurance information, police or crash report, and information of others injured. We'll also confirm whether they've had past legal representation for this current case.

Step 3. Collect Client Signatures

Once all other information has been gathered and the client fully understand the terms and conditions of the legal documents provided by your law firm, we'll go ahead and collect signatures vie e-Sign or in-person visitation. After this information is collected, it will be available for your law firm to attain through our online CRM and original copies will be sent to your law office.

Available Document Execution For Personal Injury Attorneys

If any document execution is needed for this case after signup, SignMyCase.com's team of qualified document executors will be ready to sign off on any necessary documents for release.

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